Problems adding traffic reseller

I added a reseller for phone traffic. I set up one customer for that reseller with rate and trunk group fine. When I added a SECOND customer, it was a total mess.

  • Origination rate was created for the RESELLER but when adding rates loaded with reseller ADMIN
  • I modified the DB and change the reseller, but when I sent traffic, it used a different TRUNK GROUP instead of the one forced on the ORIGINATION RATE. Basically it was using the TRUNK GROUP accessible by the RESELLER RATE not on the CUSTOMER RATE

What exactly is the problem here ??

Let me explain your scenario with example: Lets assume you have create one Reseller under Admin and that reseller Rategroup is Default. Now you have to login into that Reseller and create one new Rategroup i.e. ResellerRategroup and assign it to your customer which you create under Reseller. After that go to Origination rates and select ResellerRategroup.

Hope it will solve your problem.