Problems when import customers to ASTPP


We have setup ASTPP on Centos 7 by following the quick installation guide. The following problems are faced when we try to import customers via CSV file:

Steps to reproduce:

Admin → Accounts → Customers → Import Customers

  1. If “Billing schedule” is set to “Monthly” → impossible to choose the “Billing Day”. It is set to “28” and does not show/allow other options.
  2. Impossible to set Localization or any kind of Number Translation rules for all customers.
  3. When import the Ballance of Prepaid customers → Balance is doubled (balance * 2, always)
  4. When import the Ballnce of Postpaid customers (positive OR negative) → Balance is not imported at all and remains 0.0000

It is more likely that those are bugs as we reinstalled the system several times and these problems remain.


  • Is it going to be fixed?
  • Is there any solution/workaround that allows to overpass these problems?

P.S. When we talk about thousands of customers, it is of course not fixable manually.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Would you please report all those issues in We will investigate and do needful to fix it. Thanks.

Hello @smrdoshi , it is reported. Please, see here:

Hello @Genia ,

Thanks for reporting there, Bug will be fixed in upcoming release.

For localization if you mean during import then we not have such option in existing version. Rest of points seems bugs.