Problems with audio astpp version 5

I’m using version 5 community
but I’m having problems with the audio transport
already set ext-rtp-ip and ext-sip-ip
my external ip
but every call changes
one hour there is no ring in the others it changes on both sides
and some calls work normally
my server is on google platform

Hello @maxxsolutions
Check for the default FS UDP port range for audio 16384 to 32767 is open from firewall

Hi, i am new here but i have same problem on aws and also on local.

I have tryed On aws first with defaults ports, no audio. Then opened all tcp and udp port to instance but no audio again. In astpp i cann in the cdr not specifeid 31 and no audio on the both side.

Today I installed at home on vmware centos 7.9 then astpp v5. Same issue. Ports forward is done.

I have created 2 accounts in astpp and can call intern but no audio. Same problem for outbound call to number.

Can somebody help me?

Check the codec used
Note that codec G729 don’t come with ASTPP by default

Hello @ComPExperT ,

Please once try to add the UDP port ranges between 16384-32767, and then check.

Thans for replys, i found the problem. I have changed first the inbound-bypass-media and inbound-proxy settings for ebnabled after installation. Now changed the settings from true to false, it is working.

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