Provider balance

HiTeam, i would be grateful to know if the ASTPP records the expenses by a provider.

For ex. i have a client A consuming 10, B consuming 10, C consuming 5 through 1 provider called D… The D should show 25 as expenses…

I was assuming the Provider Balance does that however its not…

Yes its display sum of termination cost as a balance in provider as per your configuration. so based on that you can get idea as well as you can refer provider summary report.

I am on ASTPP V3.6 and added some balance in provider as -2000 and after 2 days i checked it was still same.

PS: The Provider account is postpaid.

Hello @Rahul.143uv ,

As you mention it’s postpaid then you have to set credit limit not balance.

Also it would be better to use latest version.