Questions about astpp 6

in version 6 after restarting the server, it seems that the freeswitch does not go up, you need to do a fw reload for the sip devices to re-register. my question is: what does this reset procedure do within ASTPP
would it be the monitor?
and in this case we have to create a rule in crontab?

Hello @maxxsolutions ,
Please check your monit servic, is it working?

yes, monit and freeswitch services are started

Hello @maxxsolutions ,
Please check if in monitrc conf file the freeswitch path is correct as monit service is helping the services to restart itself.

I did the following
I disabled the freeswitch service at system startup
what happens is the following, the monit ignores the commands
check process freeswitch with pidfile /var/run/freeswitch/
start program=“/bin/systemctl start freeswitch”
stop program=“/bin/systemctl stop freeswitch”
because the pid is already running
the problem is? why the freeswitch does not start correctly with the system?
however as mentioned above
on restart, the monit will see that the service is not active and starts correctly, thus registering the sip devices, without needing a restart via the command line or via the web interface

Hello @maxxsolutions ,
Please add this line
/usr/share/freeswitch/run/ , below file if not added already.

vim /etc/monit/monitrc