Recording on inbound calls

Hi Everyone,

I’m using ASTPP for a short while now and it is fantastic. However I got a problem with community edition:

I enabled Recordings for my customers. I also enabled recordings for my providers. I understand that inbound calls create two CDR entries (one inbound to the switch, one outbound to the pbx). I get a call recording for the outbound call to the PBX of the customer, but not for the inbound call to the switch.

The problem is that the customer when logging into the portal, does not see the outbound call, just the inbound call. So the customer does not have access to the call recording on inbound calls.

How can I fix this?

Hello @MrSenser ,
For inbound calls, recordings is not possible by default.

I suggest you leave ASTPP for the billing only , and a PBX for anything else.