Remove the provider authentication

all my did numbers are belongs to a provider. and i want to make it standalone. not bind with any provider. so what i want really
call comes to my did number and it will be approved by the IP which is in the ACL.
currently its checking which provider has the ip address and then its checking many things for that provider account.

actually i have seperate the provider account and customer account.
so customer accounts are belongs to accounts table and provider accounts are belongs to provider table.

i am thinking to delink the DID numbers from provider. so it will be work like

Server received call in the DID number. system will be accept the call by ACL
and then it will look for which account number is owner of the DID and it will do the job according by the DID owner.

which file i need to check this code and what should i remove or anything.
can someone please guide me?


You should check astpp.xml.php

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Thanks. But do I just look in the mentioned file or I still have to look in the dialplan file?

I have two option.

  1. Keep the authentication but move the authentication from accounts table to provider table.

  2. Remove the complete authentication. So it will work very same like calling card access DID number. As calling card access number not bind to any provider. Fully standalone

Which option should be best with astpp system? And could you give me bit guide? In this world it’s very hard to find developer for astpp as it’s just getting popular.


Modifications in above mentioned file should do the job for what you are trying to achieve.