Required failover gateway - v5

I don’t think it’s interesting to set the use of failover gateway as mandatory, the provider doesn’t always have a failover gateway, and from the performance point of view, each call will be made twice, which increases the call processing time.

Well it’s just an opinion of course.

I agree on that! It seems like an error in logic since it really does not make very much sense to be mandatory setting.

However, people making calls will want them to complete. The alternative is to use another provider to make sure a call can be made.

Carriers > Trunks having failover gateways configs is optional anyway.

Hello, I don’t think is optional. It will not save the data if a Failover GW Name #1 is not selected. Please see screenshot of the actual demo on ASTPP website

Thanks @koki.roul for clarifying; we are making failover gateway optional, you please log the concern at

thank you @devangn devangn

I thought it was on purpose, how wonderful then!

Currently, I have fixed this by updating the trunks table

I guess a workaround is to put the same provider in the failover #1?

Yes, but in my tests it tries 2x on the same provider, which is little for a call, but when we talk about a large number of calls, the ideal is to save processing.

If you have such a large number f calls, then probably a backup provider would be in your interest in case your sole one does go down for outbound calls.

This issue is resolved in below PR request

Also ref ticket number -