Reseller Customer report problem

I am playing with astpp version 5 in debian 10.
I added a reseller and a client account under reseller.
I have made some calls from reseller clients account sip device.
In Reports → Call detail Reports → Customer
Reseller and admin are seeing the same numbers.
Reseller is seeing the actual cost of a call and admin is seeing the debit of the the client.
For example admin buys 1$ it sells 2$ per minute on reseller.
Reseller buys 2$ and sells 3$ per minute
If i make a call one minute admin and reseller sees the bellow
Debit 3$ Cost 1$
The correct would be that admin should see
Debit 2$ Cost 1$
Debit 3$ Cost 2$

Any ideas how can i fix that ?

Hi @gpetrom
Sorry this is not an answer to your question. But I installed version 5 on Debian 10 but the script didnt run. The installation script however ran on Debian 9 and installation completed but the web login link posts the error 501 Bad Gateway. How did you manage to install successfully? The debian instance is a VM in Proxmox.
Again, sorry this is not a direct answer to your question.

Hello @gpetrom ,
You meant the in cdrs both reseller and admin charges are not correct?
Can you please share screenshot for it?