Roles permission USER


As I can change the user’s permissions, I would like to disable some items from the user’s dashboard so he doesn’t have access.

Hello @rgazetta ,

Will you please elaborate with example that how exalt you expecting change on user’s dashboard.


For me I don’t want the user to have the Calling Card, I don’t want him to be able to delete the DID or new orders from the panel, but I don’t think how to disable it.

I have another problem with permissions.

Sub admin - Admin, IP setting, caller ID, Roles & permission menu is not displayed when permission is gave.

please can anybody help with this… i have been trying to do the same thing… been looking online including this website Account Management - ASTPP - Docs, it notes that setting the roles will follow to all customers under the admin or reseller… this does not work.

please help

Hello @rgazetta ,

That kind of roles and permission feature is not available in community edition but if you familiar with DB then may be you can achieve with some changes.

For your reference sharing latest version comparison link of both edition ASTPP Editions

Could you tell me which options are each to change via DB?

You can get roles and permission information from roles_and_permission table and it is linked with userlevels table.