Sending the correct caller ID for outbound calling

Hello everyone!
I have created a gateway with ASTPP version 5 communication.

I’m able to make outbound calls normally, except for the fact that when I define the caller ID, +44 is automatically removed and 0 added.

For example, my caller ID is +44xxxxxxxx, but when I call people, they see 0xxxxxxxx.

I have struggled to find out where the issue might be to no avail.

I need your help.


its receiver mobile company translate the caller ID. you cannot change. specially for UK as ofcom they put some rules for caller ID.

Thanks for your reply!

I was doubting this, but at some point it was obvious to me that either the SIP provider was removing the +44 or the terminating telecom operator.

Thanks again @sokalsondha

Hello @sokalsondha
I’m back on this again.

This issue seems to be related to ASTPP or my configurations. Though I can’t ascertain this, however, once I switched to Magnus Billing, I was able to get the issue resolved even with the same SIP provider and same numbers.

Thanks for your time though