SIP port custom and multiple sip profile

Hello everyone.
I got a IP based DID provider who use port 5060.

Also got few outbound gateway both username and password based authentication and IP authentication they also use the sip port 5060

My server also use 5060 port.

But I want use in my server sip port 5959 port.

So my DID provider can send calls to my server IP and to port 5959 port.

Issue is my outgoing provider. They said only 5060 I am allowed.

So for them I need to keep the 5060 profile.

So basically question is

In one astpp if sip device use I mean my customer use 5959 and the outbound gateway use 5060 can we still send calls?


Hello @sokalsondha ,
You can create new sip profile and add port 5959 and assign that sip profile to customer’s sip device accordingly.

Thanks polok.

But I can see that even I assign that new sip profile to the customer sip device… he also able to connect to port 5060.

Is this normal?

Hello @sokalsondha ,
Yes it will take the port 5060 too, you need to register sip device with domain:5090 like this.