SMTP gmail not working

is anyone get the SMTP settings sucess? i have put all the details but no emails going. also i think in my server whole email thing not working. i have the latest version of astpp



look if you have received a security alert from Gmail because it’s usual Google block unusual access to email.

My advice, configure postfix or sendmail on the same server where you have ASTPP


Thanks… no I didn’t get any security issue in Google. As nothing is coming to Google.

May be issue with the code in astpp.

Anyone has idea which folder or files need to check the code for SMTP?

I will be feel safe if I use SMTP as I will be have the record on my email for sent items.

It should be work well, It seems some configuration issue. Sharing one video link but don’t compare GUI just mainly view configuration details from it because that video relates to Enterprise edition so UI is bit different as of now. ASTPP 4 Tutorial: SMTP Email configuration - YouTube