Some DID are not auto renewing


I have an issue with 2 DID s that weren’t renewed after November.
They are supposed to renew every 30 days. Strange situation is client had enough balance, DID was not even released automatically, if didn’t have enough balance it should released. However it is till active, and next bill date still shows as 2020-12-24. When i checked it did not even charged from the account balance. Everyday customer is receiving renewal notice for these 2 DIDS when the cron job runs. Kindly refer below screen shots and that would be appreciate if someone can help me.

Hello @thiwanka2036 ,

Something is wrong as I observe both images 1st show’s purchase date: 26-08-2020 and next bill date = 24-12-2020,

2nd image shows 24-12-2020 and next bill date = 24-12-2020

So i think you have release and repurchase same DID again, or you have change billing days in between, which cause something problematic in billing

For verification, i recommend you to create one new DID with bill type Daily and verify, it will work.

Still if you face any problem then feel free to report a bug here: