Support on FreeSwitch

We are running ASTPP 4.x which is deployed on FreeSwitch 1.6x. It has very high memory usage and recently it started rebooting twice a day. Can anyone make an suggestions of organisations capable of suporting FreeSwitch. ASPP only take responsibility for their application and don’t show much knowledge around FreeSwitch at all. Verison of FreeSwitch on ASTPP 4.x seems to be very is outdated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello @peter.mccrindle
This is untrue; however on the copy(lab) of your production instance, you may upgrade the freeswitch as like any other linux package apt/yum upgrade freeswitch and verify your calls related usecases and then same on the production instance.

Hi @devangn

Many thanks for your qucik response. Are you able to clarify which aspect is untrue?. From what you are saying, it would seem that FreeSwitch 1.6 can be upgraded to 1.10 while still using ASTPP4.x?

I am not so sure we have a lab of the production environment but woujld be happy to explore doing this. Is this a service you offer?

Hello @peter.mccrindle
Yes, we can help you with it. About using upgraded version, at the time of the creation of any version or installation script possibly 1.6 version was available; we have added 1.8 version in v5 installation script.
Suggested the upgraded first in lab environment because production might not get affected.

Devangn what about using Debain vs Centos for FreeSwitch as I am lead to beleive it to be more stable than Centos? If new release 5.x was built on Debian, would we still be able to migate customers from the 4x on Centos?

Is using Debain likely to get around the issue you have with not supporting VIP on AWS so not possible to get high availability when using ASTPP in AWS? Implementation on AWS - Real-Time Communication on AWS

Hello @peter.mccrindle
Yes, migration will be possible.
They are offering UDP NLB and not VIP irrespective of OS type.

So the UDB NLB in AWS loadbalances between 2 x EC2 instances running FreeSwitch/ASTPP? Can we take one of E2 instances off line to patch without affecting real time services i.e dropping calls?

Yes Peter, by applying some config modifications at Amazon portal. We are discussing about it via our executives. We can continue there.

Please keep me updated.