System Time and Daylight Savings Time

I am using Community Edition v6 with Debian 11. Currently my server time is set to
Time zone: America/Toronto (EDT, -0400) because we switched to Daylight Savings Time today.
However, in ASTPP the timezone for America/Toronto is still set to (-0500)

Apparently, this is not auto adjusted in version 6 even though there is a tutorial for version 5 that states otherwise. The tutorial also references a cron job to adjust the timezone but it’s nowhere to be found in version 6.

Can anyone comment on the best time settings for the server and ASTPP? Where does ASTPP get the GMT time to calculate the timezone offset? If it looks at the system time or the hardware clock then setting the system to GMT would make sense. Any comments? Suggestions? With so many people using astpp, someone must gave figured out how to make this work.

Those tutorials are mainly for the Enterprise version.
You could always manually set the offset time to fit what your local time is now.

Maybe you should give SIpWise a peek at. They are always doing active community version development.

At this point, I got astpp mostly working the way I wanted, except for some minor issues that I will deal with later.