Taxes not applied to Top Up or Automatic Invoices

My customers are configured for 14.975% VAT. This works for manual invoices as shown in the Inextrix YouTube video. However, top-ups and automatic invoices ignore that tax tables. A $25 top-up, for example, produces a $25 invoice instead of $21.74 + $3.26 tax.

In a2billing the tax is automatically deducted from the top-up so a manual $25 top-up with 14.975 VAT results in $21.74 getting applied to the customer account. The rest is taxes.

However, if the customer wants to make a payment of $25 the tax is added and Paypal charges $28.74. That’s how it should work.

and the top up calculation is wrong too. $25 + 3.744 is NOT = $28
astpp top-up

Please report the issue in jira. We will check it out that further.