The client's tariff is not displayed correctly

in Origination Rates, I set the rate to 0.2 per minute; the rate in the client’s personal account is displayed as 2 per minute
if you need screenshots or additional information, I’m in touch

Hello @kola12 ,
Yes please, share screenshots here.

It seems that this happens when changing the language on the byling. to be precise, when switching from English to Russia

@kola12 ,
Thank you for sharing the screenshots. According to our developer team, this issue is already being worked on. Once we receive an update from them, we will let you know.

Same problem here but in Portuguese language. I have several problems in ASTPP that only reproduce in any language other than English.

@dbbrito ,
Our developer team is working to resolve language translation issue. We will update you once we get an update from the team.