The LCR module is not loading

freeswitch@debian> load mod_lcr
+OK Reloading XML
-ERR [module load file routine returned an error]

2024-06-12 13:15:58.838745 96.97% [INFO] switch_stun.c:911 External ip address detected using STUN: Your IP
2024-06-12 13:15:58.938750 96.97% [INFO] switch_stun.c:911 External ip address detected using STUN: Your IP
2024-06-12 13:15:58.958750 96.97% [INFO] switch_time.c:1433 Timezone reloaded 597 definitions
2024-06-12 13:15:58.958750 96.97% [INFO] mod_lcr.c:1056 odbc_dsn is freeswitch-mysql:freeswitch:Fr33Sw1tch
2024-06-12 13:15:58.958750 96.97% [DEBUG] mod_lcr.c:1065 dsn is “freeswitch-mysql:freeswitch:Fr33Sw1tch”
2024-06-12 13:15:58.958750 96.97% [ERR] switch_odbc.c:375 STATE: IM002 CODE 0 ERROR: [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found, and no default driver specified

2024-06-12 13:15:58.958750 96.97% [CRIT] switch_core_sqldb.c:645 Failure to connect to ODBC freeswitch-mysql!
2024-06-12 13:15:58.958750 96.97% [CRIT] mod_lcr.c:1070 Cannot Open ODBC Database!
2024-06-12 13:15:58.958750 96.97% [ERR] mod_lcr.c:2095 Unable to load lcr config file
2024-06-12 13:15:58.958750 96.97% [CRIT] switch_loadable_module.c:1754 Error Loading module /usr/lib/freeswitch/mod/
Module load routine returned an error

The LCR module is not loading in FreeSWITCH. When I try to load it manually, it returns an error.

Is it working correctly?

Which configuration files do I need to edit for customizing the module?

Which table does the module parse data from?

Seems MySQL is not running

MySQL is running, and the data is being updated…
The ODBC driver test also passes correctly.
The problem is that the LCR config has incorrect data for connecting to the MySQL database.
However, if you select routing by LCR, ASTPP continues to work normally and even somehow iterates through the trunks.
So, the question is, am I looking in the right direction with the LCR module?
Or does it not play any role in routing and selecting the most appropriate route at all?