Unable to assign DID on resellers astpp version 6

Hello ASTPP Community,

I have just installed astpp version 6. there’s an issue of assigning DIDs on the reseller. When you click on the purchase button, nothing happens. please assist if anyone has come across this issue.

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  • ASTPP Version (6.)
  • Any modification have you done in default ASTPP
  • Operating System: (Debian 11 )
  • For call log sharing you can easily share on https://pastebin.freeswitch.org/
  • Any other information like error logs, access log, service statuses, steps of reproduce etc.

Good day,

Hello @ndlebs,
This is to inform you that, you need to first purchase the the DID with use of below screen shot button then DID will purchase and after you can assign to reseller’s customer as well.

Please check and confirm it is working from your end?

hello, the problem is with the purchase button, when you click it -it does not work. Therefore, the reseller is unable to purchase any DIDs.

  1. Login as Reseller
  2. Go to inbound
  3. Go to DID
  4. Click Buy
  5. Click Purchase

Actual result > “Purchase button” nothing happens when you click on the purchase button.

Expected result > DID assigned successfully

Hello @ndlebs,

Thank you for the reply.

We are checking and will update you.

Hello @ndlebs,

As we have checked from our end it is working fine and we have follow below steps:

Step 1: Login as Reseller
Step 2: Go to inbound
Step 3: Click on “Buy” button.
Step 4: Click on “Purchase” button.

However, we have prepared short video for you by following the same steps, please check below link:

Hello @ndlebs

Do you confirmed this?

Hello Alpesh.

Yes I am able to add the DID. it does not work when there’s a + prefix on the DID e.g. +27123456789.

Hello @ndlebs Thanks for the details steps and description. We are able to reproduce your concern.

Track issue https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-1342 to see the progress on it.


Hello @ndlebs ,
This issue is resolved, please check below MR for it.