Unable to get inbound DID calls and outbound calls

Hi All,
I need help with Inbound (DID) setup I have setup the Termination rates and origination rates still I am getting errors (TERMINATION_RATE_NOT_FOUND [31]) and outbound error messages ( ORIGNATION_RATE_NOT_FOUND [31]).
I will appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction.

I think I understand the issue.

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It’s nothing wrong with the switch. It’s your configuration issue


Without asking for details(and as per my experience), I’ll advise you to delete all the rates that you have created, then download standard rates for outbound/inbound calls as CSV and import them accordingly. This will avoid a case where you’re creating wrong rates.

If you’re still facing the same issue, lete know.


Hello @voicecloud
It seems your provider sending the DID number format differently then your system has configured it. So that when system tries to find the number got as DID in database its not able to match. So either you need to ask the provider to send the call in the format as you configured in ASTPP or you need to configured the DID in the format as platform is receiving from DID provider, so that it can match and system can consider the call as Inbound and route it further as per the DID forwarding configured.

Thanks i had this issue with one of the DID provider i use the prefix to amend + as the number was coming with +44 i did it on provider IPaddress in acl

Thanks a lot I managed to resolve the issue it was related to the orientation and termination rates. Currently i see an issue where in CDR i cant see the trunk and Rate group of the inbound or outbound call. Note i have two trunks one for inbound and one for outbound

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I am having exactly this same problem for the past 3 days, how were you able to fix this problem.