Unallocated number failover

I have many prefix codes for call rated.
For the UK this could be 447823, 4412134, etc…
I also have a rate for 44…
Why does ASTPP not default to the rate that starts with 44 if a call to 4477915 fails due to unalocated number, or even to a rate with 4477 which also exists?

  1. If your carrier fails 447823 then it would also fail the call with rate 44 as it’s the same carrier and the same route, only the cost charged would be different.
  2. Unallocated number means there is a problem with the number or the carrier does not allow it.
  3. You need to enter rates from multiple carriers to get failover routing. In that case your 447823 will fail with carrier A and then failover to the closest match of carrier B e.g. 4478 but you cost for the calls will be different.

ah ok, I thought the system just checks the code or prefix, finds the rate and rates it. It would make sense to me if the rate defaults to 44 instead if 447795 fails as they are the same price and the same carrier/trunk

The rate has to be the longest match or you’ll get burned in high costs. I am quite surprised that your carrier charges the same rate for 44 and 4478 area codes because 44 is a U.K. landline and 4478 is U.K. Mobile which costs 60 cents more per minute than the landline.