Unlocking Trust in Telephony: Dive into the Stir-Shaken Revolution!


Participate in this informative webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of how STIR/SHAKEN directly impacts your operations and the necessary workflow adjustments.

This webinar offers invaluable insights for service providers operating within the U.S. and Canada, as well as those with substantial business connections to North America.

International service providers should also consider attending, as similar regulations aimed at countering fraudulent calls and robocalls may soon become mandatory in other regions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a revolution that will leave a lasting impact on the way we connect and communicate. Secure your spot today and be a part of the Stir-Shaken Revolution!

Topics to be covered in the webinar:
:point_right: Understanding STIR/SHAKEN
:point_right: What are Caller ID Spoofing and Illegal Robocalls and why was STIR/SHAKEN Introduced?
:point_right: Role of STIR/SHAKEN and how it will mitigate the problem?
:point_right: Who will benefit from STIR/SHAKEN implementation?
:point_right: FCC’s Involvement, Timelines, and Implementation Responsibilities
:point_right: Requirement to become STIR/SHAKEN compliant
And more

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