Unwanted autoretry on call-reject

I just encountered a weird behaviour in outgoing calls

  • the customer originate a call a destination number
  • the receiver’s smartphone is ringing, but the person decide to reject the call
  • the caller doesn’t see anyfhing, he’s still waiting and hearing the ring song
  • the call is retried automatically four times
  • so the receiver have to reject the call four time
  • the caller now receive e busy message

I hope it’s not the wanted behaviour, so … what am I missed or misconfigured?
If the receiver decide to reject the call, I don’t want to stalker him so many times !

Thanks for any advice.

It seems either you have configured failover gateways in the trunk or your provider is sending by their own. Talk with your provider and see what are their feedback.

Yes. I have two failover gateways in the trunk, but they should be used if the main gateways fails.
When the call is correctly gone out of the main trunk, and the receiver has correctly rejected the call, the game is over … there is no reason to ask the failover gateways to call him again.


‎freeswitch/scripts/astpp/scripts/astpp.xml.lua‎ This line need to have disposition added which you don’t want FS to failover