Updating V6.0 to V6.0.5

I am new to astpp from the Freepbx world, in search of a billing system.
What’s the procedure to get ASTPP fixes and minor version updates?
docs is down so no way to get the info

You would have to manually go over the code/files


Or, you can try to do a git clone the same way the install script does, and it will overwrite the code in there now, giving you the current code.

You would have to reset the file permissions which is also in the install script.

What about? " git pull origin v6.0.6 "
How would I check which astpp subversion I am running?

That command should do it.

Which version are you running now? Check the install script to see which one it installed.

The install script uses astpp V6.0 : git clone -b V6.0 GitHub - iNextrix/ASTPP: Open Source VoIP Billing Solution http://www.astppbilling.org | Report a bug https://jira.astppbilling.org "

If I run the upgrade script " git pull origin v6.0.6 "
I don’t see any changes and the GUI still says community V6.0

I believe there may also be database changes that need to be updated

Changes are rather bugs & fixes. You can check the code on GitHub to see if they even bothered to change the version in the web interface, which I doubt they have.