Using routes based on Caller ID

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I know I can create a “rate group” and apply it to a specific customer but is there a way to automate this?

Billing based on the outgoing Caller ID

For example, a user calls a Spain landline phone number from their Spain DID - they should pay .01 per min

If the user calls a Spain landline phone number from their USA DID they pay .10 per min


That’s called Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Thanks for the quick reply and I went through the link you posted and Im not sure I follow…

Would I need to make 1 Cost rate group and 1 LCR group?

It’s right there in the docs.

Force Trunk

To force call to route using specific trunk.

Leave it – Select – if you would like to do LCR among trunks which are selected in rate group

Hi Again

I’m really sorry for sounding ignorant but I’m having trouble figuring this out- if you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated

Im trying to fix the billing to reflect cheaper Eu to eu rates

Ive added another trunk

Also set the rate group to both trunks

This is where Im stuck…

I tried a test outgoing call using an EU caller ID and it used the eutoeu rates I uploaded.

But it did the same thing when I called out from a USA number . So I guess it just found the cheapest rate no matter what the caller ID is.

I’ve tried to add a new rate to “origination rates” but it will just replace the current rate I have in there

Am I supposed to add another rate group?

How do I solve this, please?

Scenario 1: End-user calls out ( to a EU phone number ) with Non-EU caller ID , they pay the higher rate " Default Trunk"

Scenario 2: End-user calls out ( to a EU phone number ) with any EU caller ID they pay the cheaper rate " eutoeurates"

I am using astpp for long time.

Don’t think they support something like this with based on caller id.

May be possible but you need to contact with their sales to do custom…

I was worried that they didn’t, the previous post gave me hope…

Maybe there is a clever workaround someone thought up?

Only issue is there is very less people understand astpp programming… so if you want proper solutions best to contact with them… it may not be big issue for them…

But can be costly…or may be not… depend on how much work is there…

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As I mentioned before, it’s called Least Call Routing

It will route the call based on least cost

I understand , but that seems to relate to “termination “ rates and not origination.

Are you sure this will achieve what I’m asking ?

This user seems to agree with me , I feel like its something simple I may not be getting

Seriously??? In your very first post:

Man, you can’t control the billing rate of someone calling you!

I’m not trying to do that.

I’m trying to control the billing for the DID that is being called. or more accurately in this case … Called out from.

I think you need to do some reading up on VoIP

Origination = Inbound calls
Termination = Outbound calls

Calling out is termination. You can control termination routes via Least Cost Routing

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Hi Nick,

Do you found a solution, i have same situation. I need also help.

I ended up creating a special rate group for those users , so it’s a work around

how did you do that?

I setup another rate group and assigned “special” users to that group