Version 5 just not functioning

First thing I did was to set up a gateway using the provider instructions.

I then set up some account, and tried connecting a trunk to ASTPP/ SIP Device from Asterisk.

Literally, nothing is occurring on the ASTPP side. There is no attempt from FreeSwitch to connect the gateway to the provider, and the Asterisk machine is unable to connect. There is NOTHING being reported by ASTPP, nor FreeSwitch that anything is happening.

Logs are empty, and fs_cli is set to debug. Nothing Nothing Nothing.

I have checked, and FreeSwitch is running, and listening on the correct ports so I would at least expect some sort of response from FreeSwitch when there is an incoming connection request on port 5060.

Has this even been tested?

Hello @KNERD
Do you see traces from Asterisk leaving to ASTPP server?
Do you have by any chance IP or Asterisk server block in external firewall or iptables of ASTPP server?

I am testing all this on my local LAN. I see the attempts in the Asterisk CLI/logs of trying to connect.

[2022-02-10 17:09:10] WARNING[2821] res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c: No response received from ‘sip:’ on registration attempt to ‘sip:6853324325@’, retrying in ‘60’

I checked IP tables on the ASTPP side and see port 5060 is open

Sure it’s working and you should be careful on say that project is not working.
Look your installation and if need, reinstall until you get it fixed.
If you are really interested in make it work but don’t know how to fix it, hire someone to help you.

Been working with Open source based SIP systems since 2007. NOT WORKING

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Thanks @lmoreira; @KNERD The v5 is working. Can you verify the freeswitch profile running as it should be and listening on 5060 tcp and/or udp?

Well, look at this… There is a pull request from PowerPBX for the debugger not functioning way back in September 2021.