Voicemail configuration

Hi, i purchased enterprise edition, and don’t understand how voicemail work ?
There is somewhere in astpp where we setup how many second a sip device will reign before going to voicemail ? not find it !
And can we directly from sip device activate call forward in destination a external number ?

Hello @johnx102 ,

It may help you to understand flow of voicemail: Voicemail in ASTPP - ASTPP - Docs

Hi thank’s for answer, i understand this link.
The answer to my question is not inside, but i found a way to do what i want .
I share for the other, solved my issue in the DID , put a call timeout value .
Thanks for answer anyway !!

For call forward, is it possible to activate it with custom number like *71 XXXXXX ?

Hello @johnx102 ,

Welcome and thank you going to share it for others.

For call forward you mean prefix base match and forward call accordingly? If no then will you give example of your flow which you expecting.

No i want to customer can set up himself call forward from his phone .
By example, customer want to forward all call on 0123456789 , so if he can activate with dial *71 0123456789 , will be great .

I think that can be possible using feature code with PBX addon you can refer that document or contact team for same.

I use pbx addons,
just add feature code for activate or desactivate call forward .
But just code for activate or no , no put the phone number where we want transfert …

It may help you i guess: Call Routing - ASTPP - Docs

Not really, i want set up from phone, not from web browser …

In that case it may require customization, you can contact our team for same.

Yes , i ask to you’re team …
But look like difficult to have an answer …

For you @johnx102 , I have inform team personally and they will get back to you soon for further discussion.