Voicemail Retrieval & Email not sending

I set a SIP Device with voicemail ON, email option ON, set password, and entered my email address to send mp3 (or whatever) to my email. I then called DID and left a message.


  1. Why did my message never get emailed to me?
  2. How do we retrieve our voicemail?

(I tried dialing my DID and entered *97 and *98 and neither worked)


Its a default feature of Freeswitch. Do you have sendmail installed and working? if so, voicemail to email should work.


I have EMAIL with SMTP working fine in the “Send Notifications” area. (Is this sendmail that you refer to?)

FREESWITCH instructions say to dial *98 from SIP device for voicemail. This does not work.

Sendmail is service which is responsible to send emails from default server.

Here are the steps which can help you to configure smtp in your sendmail service.

If you don’t have sendmail service install then just in google sendmail + your os and you will find the answer and follow the steps.