What is "Caller IDs" list for ? or maybe not working?

I’m on ASTPP 6.0 Communiti Edition
I’d like to manage customers’ CallerIDs, but I cannot figure out how.

I have a customer configured, id 39021234, sip auth 39021234 with callerNum +39021234 , inbound/outbound working ok.
The callerID is set always as I set in callerNum.

Now, I want to assign a second CallerID, so I open the subSection “Caller IDs” inside the CustomerProfile, and added +39021234 +39021235
The customer’s PBX has tow internal extension mapped to the two CIDs, so the PBX is correctly sending the two CIDs … but ASTPP is always rewriting it with the one set in callerNum!

So I decide to leave callerNum blank …
Now the two CIDs are forwarded …
But not only the two CIDs I’ve assigned to the customer … and the customer che make calls spoofing any CID !!!

Then, what is that list of CIDs for? How can I ensure that the list is respected?
The wanted behaviour should be :

  • the CID is in the list ? OK
  • the CID is not in the list ? rewrite the callerID with the callerNum set in SipDevice

How can I do it?


@FiberTelecom, the Caller-ID list is to have password less authentication for calling card feature.
However what you are looking is CLI Pool feature, it seems.
That is available under enterprise edition.