Where balance is updated in source code?

I installed the CE version of astpp and I read the source code, especially the Lua scripts.
I see a freeswitch module called mod_nibblebill.c. but I didn’t find the usage of this in the astpp.
where is called?
I want to know exactly where the balance of the customer is updated after or across calling.
For example, my balance is 100 and I make a 1usd/min call and after 1 min and hangout, my balance is updated to 99. I want to know exactly where and who in the source code, updated my balance, is it in Lua scripts?

That is happening from cdr processing script. You can look at that to find out.

Thanks for your reply.
I didn’t find the cdr processing script in the source code. Can you let me the address of that?

You can consider buying support from team: ASTPP Support Packs (astppbilling.org) to help you.

GitHub does allow source code browsing, as well as a search feature.

I mean, I’ve already looked through the code and haven’t found said item. I haven’t seen a Lua script that deals with cdr.

My work is not so much that it needs support. I just wanted to know where is the source code for the part that you mentioned, i.e. cdr processing, so that I can read it myself. Because I searched and unfortunately did not find it.

Now I find it.
It’s in the astpp.cdr.php file.
I thought that it was a Lua script.

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It’s a slippery slope looking at the code. That is when you realize just how messy and outdated it is. I really do not understand what the intent is with this open source software. Usually, projects use the same code base for their commercial and open source versions. With this project, they appear to be completely different code bases. The commercial project appears active but this open source project seems to be almost completely abandoned. They change the version number once in awhile to make it look active but very little seems to change in the code.

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Great @mmdaz

@sman123 I’ve noticed that you seem upset. If you’re facing challenges with the product or source code, I recommend reaching out for assistance or considering alternatives. I want to ensure you have a positive experience.

Not upset. I just don’t understand what the point is of the project. If you want to assist perhaps you can explain it. Starting with why you are changing the major version of the code without any significant changes to the actual code. It’s essentially still the same old code that hasn’t change much in at least 10 years. The version of Codeigniter it uses is long since obsolete with security holes that were never patched.