Why the new version number?

Here are all the changes between v5 and v6. Why create a new major version number for just a few minor changes? You could have just called it v5.1.

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They claimed they put an API in version 6.

To make you happy, version 7 is already going to be released later this year while version 6 is still riddled with a lot of bugs.

I don’t even think there is documentation on it either.

Here is is list of their changes

It seems there are more noted changes even than lines of code.

I don’t see any of that stuff on github v6 branch and that is where the v6 install script gets it from. Upgrading CI from v2 to v3 is a big change but its not there. What am I missing?

Perhaps they are going the Microsoft route? Release now, patch later by letting others find the bugs for us.

Upgrading CI v2 to v3 is more than just a patch. That is the core framework that runs everything and the changes between those two versions were significant. Even larger were the changes between v3 and v4 which is really the version they should be changing to since it is probably the same amount of work.

The people who started this project are not the same ones running it now. I suspect the original crew knew better of what they were doing compared to the current ones.

That doesn’t appear to be open source. Doesn’t appear to use PHP either and that’s what I prefer working with.

The CE edition is open source, but I think it is written in Go Lang. There are a couple of ready made virtual machines to try it out on with VirtualBox and VMWare.

I can’t find the source code. Open source means having access to that. If it’s written in Go then it is compiled which means it can’t be changed without the source code.

Anyways, I tried installing their CD on VirtualBox and it failed so that was as far as I got with that.

They have a import image for virtual box. I have installed it twice now on two different systems. They also have an install script.

I see they do have a GitHub site. Appears it is modular like FreePBX is.

Looking at ASTPP Enterprise vs Community comparison chart it looks like they are only updating the core software on Enterprise. That got CI 3 but Community did not as well as just about everything else on that changelog list.

That must mean Enterprise edition has been forked and Community edition has been abandoned if they are not even sharing the core code between the two anymore. That would explain why there doesn’t seem to be much activity going on with CE. Also explains why my pull requests are being ignored. Keeping CE old and broken is by design. I guess I don’t have any choice now but to either fork it or move on to some other project.