Worst possible setup/configuration instuctions!

This astpp is the worst system I have ever encountered to build.

  1. if you don’t install sudo BEFORE running ./install.sh lots of luck. Your system is trashed, delete the VM if you installed in a VM. Start again, create a new VM and install sudo (apt -y install sudo)

  2. The documentation (Quick start) is useless. You need gateway and trunks setup first. The instructions tell you to chose which trunk you want to use, but how? You haven’t yet created any trunks.

  3. To get updated currencies one has to go to apilayer.com and create a key. Well I created 3 keys or 3 categories all of which fail when clicking update currencies with Currency exchange rates not updated successfully for this reason invalid_access_key please check from fixer side.

astpp doesn’t give you a proper set of instructions on how to setup from ground up.

Pathetic at best.

Hello @Mr.Smith ,
sudo packages need to be installed in server itself, please note. So before running the script need to check if sudo is already there in server.

2- which document link you referred can you please share?

3- Can you share what exact error you were getting while update the currency

Bets thing to do is to use a text editor and remove all “sudo” commands then run it as root. There are only two-three sudo commands.