X-Accountcode on Trust IP Trunk - Enterprise v6


I have 3 questions, 2 are related, actually they all overlap.

  1. I am trying to get a Trusted IP trunk working to an Enterprise licensed server, and a FusionPBX, but need to authenticate the Fusion calls via X-Accountcode header in the INVITE.
    is this possible?

  2. how can i use the acl.conf.xml file to limit access, with custom ACL network lists, the defaults are not
    refined enough.

  3. i want to limit the RTP min/max port range in switch.conf.xml, how can this be done.

many thanks

Hello @NormanMichaelis ,
Can you please contact us on the below email id.
Email: [sales@inextrix.com]
Skype ID: astpp.sales

Not to worry, i tried, that, but no response.

i have however worked it out by reading some of your code.

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