Dashboard Stats | Wrong values

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure is this a bug or I don’t understand the displayed values.
On the main login dashboard, the amount of total calls is not the same as the Customer CDRs Report.

Attaching screenshots:

Can someone confirm or deny this?
Any help is much appreciated

@georgedal Can you please confirm which version of ASTPP you are using ?

I’m using the latest version of ASTPP V5 installed on Debian 10 via the community script.

The same thing happens to me, in my case I detected that the sql table is recording data 3 hours above my time zone, that is, calls after 9 pm already appear on the other day, two days ago I already opened a ticket in Jira https ://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-891 now just wait for the staff to analyze.

Hello @georgedal ,

Please raise one ticket on our ASTPPCOM ticket portal over jira, with the necessary information.

@palak Done! https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-893

Hello @georgedal ,
Thank you, our team will check for it and update you over ticket.

Same problem here, and apparently no solution by the Team! They will probably only care about the Enterprise version!

Hello @dbbrito ,
Can you please let me know if you raise these in our community jira ticket? If yes please let me know the ticket number, I will get it check.

Hi palak, this one https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-893 is referring to this topic.

This one https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-891 is from another topic that I opened with the same problem, but in this one I found the probable cause of the problem that would be writing to the sql table, which writes in a different time zone, and puts calls made after 9PM the other day.

Anyway, I wasted a lot of time debugging the problem to pass it to you all the way and it just came to nothing!!!

Thanks e Regards

@dbbrito team is checking the issue they will update you on it shortly.

OK palak, I posted a video a few days ago on jira astppcom891 showing the problem. I’ll wait thanks

Hello palak, how are you? Until today I had no answer about https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-891 that I opened myself and https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-893 that another user opened.
They got in touch with me asking for access to the server to analyze, I asked which ip would make the access to release in my firewall, because it only accepts ips from Brazil, but until today no one gave me that ip. Remembering that the problem was detected by two users of the forum, and I think that at the very least the company should inform that it will not solve it or that it will at least solve it in the next version, because we take time to find the problems and not having an answer is frustrating.

Hello @dbbrito ,
I am fine, thank you for asking.
Hope you are well too.

I have checked with my team for it, can you please check the ticket now. They have updated it.

Please let me know
if anything, I will check for it with the team
Thank you.

Hello palak, how are you?

Can you please ask Neetu Nogia to look at the call on jira https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-891, as I have already released your ips in my firewall, but I need to send the access data by e- mail for security reasons, I need him to tell me which email to send it to.

Thank you very much

Hello @dbbrito ,
Yes sure, I have sent the message of yours, she will let you know in sometime.

Hello @palak, It’s been two days since I sent the access data to Neetu Nogia’s email, please ask him if he’s going to access it to check the problem, if he doesn’t look please let me know, because he leaves the server on at Oracle has a cost for me. Thanks

Hello @dbbrito ,
I have asked her to check for it. Please allow me time. I will discuss it.

in relation to the time zone in index.php there is a variable “UTC” it would not be interesting a test setting your time zone America/Sao_Paulo