DID per min rate not working when forwarding to PSTN

If you enter an amount for the per min rate on the DID page and use “PSTN” forwarding for the DID, the rate is not calculated. (CDR’s just show 0.00 for the inbound leg)

It calculates the outgoing PSTN rate OK.

If you forward the DID number to an internal SIP , the incoming DID per min rate works OK.

Someone else had that issue Try the search on here.

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Thanks and im assuming you’re referring to this post

it does look very similar indeed, I think OP there might have over complicated the “scenario” while my post here makes it pretty simple.

Hopefully someone at ASTPP can reply with a suggestion (or is opening a JIRA ticket better?)

They take a long while to respond to potential bugs on JIRA.
Probably better to wait for them to respond then they may tell you to post a bug report on there. Then it will be responded to faster, usually.

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Any update on this bug?


If anyone knows where in the lua script the forwarding happens I can help debug this from here.