Iptables-restore -w -n failed

Hello support,
installing community version 5 and 6 but and iam getting this error

iam using debian 10

please let me know how to get this right this is also affecting my fail2ban not running.

I reported this to their bug reporting system. That is not the only issue for Debian 10.

You may want to try Debian 11 & ASTPP 6. I saw no errors in the install

@KNERD thankyou iam installing astpp 6 community on debian 11 now but will let you know if any other issue.

Cancel that. It is completely broken on Debian 11, and they did not even test it. What an embarrassment. it seems to install well on Debian 10 despite that bug.

@KNERD what a waste of time. but can you let me know what OS best to install ASTPP 6 community. i did got some error on debian 11.

Not feeling very confident in the quality of this software. Only thing stopping me from getting a commercial license.

Very sad getting this issues but they are good peoples and i believe they can fix all these issues.

On debian 10 it doesn’t work either.

You will see an error with Debian 10, but I can confirm it installs on that distro.

UFW probably is not working right on there as you will see errors related to it, but IPTables can be set to be the default firewall to protect against attacks with some confiuration

Debian 10 is working. I tested it a few hours ago, just some problems with the firewall.

The issue is they put out a non functioning / untested installer script. Arpit Modi went to the US to attend CLueCon last week to announce and promote the release of version 6 of ASTPP, and it’s not even ready.

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did someone test it on centos? my installation is still running on centos 7 with no error lets see how it goes.

There is already a post about it failing on CentOS 7.