Mod_spy astpp module

Could someone pass on some tips on how to implement the mod_spy module in astpp,
I’m going to start a test with a client and he wants this module,
because the charging system will only work internally in the company

Good day @maxxsolutions
We have already done this on our Enterprise version. If you need this implement on your ASTPP . You can please contact us on below:
Thank you.

My advice would to just let ASTPP do the billing only and let other systems do all that fancy stuff such as FreePBX, or FusionPBX. Those are already set up to do all that and just need to dial a feature code.

@maxxsolutions ASTPP FS is compiled/installed with mod_spy, however as its not used by default its not loaded, you may load it from fs_cli ‘load mod_spy’ and add it under /etc/freeswitch/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml to load it with FS boot